the world of Arthur Williams Floral Designer

Denver Botanic Gardens

Ikebana International Exhibition @ The Denver Botanic Gardens

Early this month Arthur Williams, CPF CFD was among one of the many amazing designers in this year’s Ikebana International: Denver Chapter 66 Exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens. 



Pictured below is the work by Williams as he practiced the form of Ikebana Sogetsu – The Joy of Creation.


Arthur Williams, CPF CFD © 2012

Human Flower Project and Babylon Floral at Denver Botanic Gardens!

Last Thursday evening, The Human Flower Project‘s Julie Ardery spoke at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The presentation, titled “White Roses for the Bride, Red Begonias for the Dictator,” was about how flowers transmit meaning and identity all over the world. The talk included several examples of local floral and plant traditions, as well as examples from across the globe.

Following Ardrey’s presentation, Arthur and Babylon Floral put on a floral fashion show, showcasing five amazing living fashions and leaving spectators awestruck.

Ryan in Floral Punk

Arthur gave a brief description of the theme for each piece and took questions from the audience.

Garden Geisha Jerrica

Questions ranged from the technical, about the structure, the physical process of building the pieces, and how the flowers were selected (tropicals tend to hold up better), to the more philosophical questions concerning inspiration and the transitory nature of floral art.

Post-Apocalyptic Jasmin

Arthur was quick to give credit to his entire team: Tina McKeever, owner of Vain Salon, created and styled the hair pieces the flowers were attached to, Sally Walker of Alchemy Mineral Blends did the fantastic make-up artistry, Beth Sanders of Beth Photography took the photos, and Sarah Heid of Babylon Floral kept everything running on schedule.

Carly in Fairy Goth

After the discussion, the audience was invited to mingle with the models, to see the artistry up close, and to take their own photos. Audience members were also able to examine Ryan’s hairpiece, as it was the only one not firmly attached to its model’s head. Arthur also mingled with the crowd, answering still more questions and discussing the art that is his passion.

Aztec Goddess Alicia

The evening was a reminder that humans and flowers don’t just share a bond, but a symbiotic relationship, where each enhances the other through life and through beauty. For more about the event from another perspective, please read the Human Flower Project’s article on the evening.

We at Babylon Floral are especially proud of this collaboration, and we hope to be involved in many more such endeavors.

The Connected Garden

Bablylon Floral is proud to announce:

Bonfils-Stanton 2011 Series: Talk to Me


A very special opportunity for all photography buffs!

This Bonfils event will include a floral fashion show that includes five models that are “dressed” in fashions using live plants. Arthur Williams of Babylon Floral (floral and fashion designer extraordinaire) and the models will be stepping outside into the Gardens to offer all attendees the opportunity to photograph the models in the beautiful dusk hours in the Gardens. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Click here to register!

The Power of Flowers

Babylon Floral was invited to exhibit in the Professional Class in “The Power of Flowers” flower show presented by The Garden Club of Denver branch of The Garden Club of America. As one of four entries in the “Professional Power” class, Babylon Floral was asked to interpret the theme of the show in a 6 ‘ x 6′ space at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

The flower show is open to the public with general admission to the Denver Botanic Gardens, Friday, June 3, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Arthur Featured in “A Fresh Bouquet”

Recently, Debra and David from A Fresh Bouquet were in the Denver area as guests of the Denver Botanic Gardens and The Fresh Herb Co., a sustainable cut-flower farm, to speak and teach at the Denver Botanic Gardens as part of the 2011 Bonfils-Stanton lecture series. Arthur was commissioned by the Denver Botanic Gardens design an arrangement for their lecture.

Arthur designs

Debra and David documented Arthur’s design process at his studio and featured him on their Web site. Check out the link for a look inside Arthur’s process!